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1. Arias, C; Zambrano, T; Abdalla, DSP; Salazar, LA. Polyphenol-Related Epigenetic Modifications in Osteoarthritis: Current Therapeutic Perspectives; CURRENT PHARMACEUTICAL DESIGN 2016 (22): 6682-6693


2. Arias, ME; Sanchez-Villalba, E; Delgado, A; Felmer, R. Effect of transfection and co-incubation of bovine sperm with exogenous DNA on sperm quality and functional parameters for its use in sperm-mediated gene transfer; ZYGOTE 2017 (25): 85-97


3. Augusto-Obara, TR; Pirce, F; Scheuermann, E; Spoto, MHF; Vieira, TMFS. Antioxidant activity and sensory analysis of murtilla (Ugni molinae Turcz.) fruit extracts in an oil model system; GRASAS Y ACEITES 2017 (68)


4. Barra, PJ; Inostroza, NG; Mora, ML; Crowley, DE; Jorquera, MA. Bacterial consortia inoculation mitigates the water shortage and salt stress in an avocado (Persea americana Mill.) nursery; APPLIED SOIL ECOLOGY 2017 (111): 39-47


5. Capson-Tojo, G; Torres, A; Munoz, R; Bartacek, J; Jeison, D. Mesophilic and thermophilic anaerobic digestion of lipid-extracted microalgae N-gaditana for methane production; RENEWABLE ENERGY 2017 (105): 539-546


6. Castillo, CG; Borie, F; Oehl, F; Sieverding, E. Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi biodiversity: prospecting in Southern-Central zone of Chile. A review; JOURNAL OF SOIL SCIENCE AND PLANT NUTRITION 2016 (16): 400-422


7. Gonzalez, ME; Romero-Hermoso, L; Gonzalez, A; Hidalgo, P; Meier, S; Navia, R; Cea, M. Effects of Pyrolysis Conditions on Physicochemical Properties of Oat Hull Derived Biochar; BIORESOURCES 2017 (12): 2040-2057


8. Jorquera, MA; Maruyama, F; Ogram, AV; Navarrete, OU; Lagos, LM; Inostroza, NG; Acua, JJ; Rilling, JI; Mora, MD. Rhizobacterial Community Structures Associated with Native Plants Grown in Chilean Extreme Environments (vol 72, pg 633, 2016); MICROBIAL ECOLOGY 2017 (73): 253-253


9. Loren, P; Cheuqueman, C; Sanchez, E; Risopatron, J; Arias, ME; Felmer, R; Sanchez, R. Effect of short-term exposure of cumulus-oocyte complex to 3-morpholinosydnonimine on in vitro embryo development and gene expression in cattle; REPRODUCTION IN DOMESTIC ANIMALS 2016 (51): 1010-1019


10. Mancia, G; Oparil, S; Whelton, PK; McKee, M; Dominiczak, A; Luft, FC; AlHabib, K; Lanas, F; Damasceno, A; Prabhakaran, D; La Torre, G; Weber, M; O'Donnell, M; Smith, SC; Narula, J. The technical report on sodium intake and cardiovascular disease in low- and middle-income countries by the joint working group of the World Heart Federation, the European Society of Hypertension and the European Public Health Association; EUROPEAN HEART JOURNAL 2017 (38): 712-0


11. Mercogliano, MF; De Martino, M; Venturutti, L; Rivas, MA; Proietti, CJ; Inurrigarro, G; Frahm, I; Allemand, DH; Deza, EG; Ares, S; Gercovich, FG; Guzman, P; Roa, JC; Elizalde, PV; Schillaci, R. TNF alpha-Induced Mucin 4 Expression Elicits Trastuzumab Resistance in HER2-Positive Breast Cancer; CLINICAL CANCER RESEARCH 2017 (23): 636-648


12. Merino-Gergichevich, C; Pacheco, E; Reyes-Diaz, M. The effect of foliar boron spraying on the fruit features of Brigitta and Legacy highbush blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum) cultivars; CIENCIA E INVESTIGACION AGRARIA 2016 (43): 452-463


13. Otzen, T; Sanhueza, A; Manterola, C; Hetz, M; Melnik, T. Transport accident mortality in Chile: trends from 2000 to 2012; CIENCIA & SAUDE COLETIVA 2016 (21): 3711-3718


14. Palafox, B; Mckee, M; Balabanova, D; AlHabib, KF; Avezum, AJ; Bahonar, A; Ismail, N; Chifamba, J; Chow, CK; Corsi, DJ; Dagenais, GR; Diaz, R; Gupta, R; Iqbal, R; Kaur, M; Khatib, R; Kruger, A; Kruger, IM; Lanas, F; Lopez-Jaramillo, P; Fu, MF; Mohan, V; Mo. Wealth and cardiovascular health: a cross-sectional study of wealth-related inequalities in the awareness, treatment and control of hypertension in high-, middle- and low-income countries; INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL FOR EQUITY IN HEALTH 2016 (15)


15. Quispe, I; Navia, R; Kahhat, R. Energy potential from rice husk through direct combustion and fast pyrolysis: A review; WASTE MANAGEMENT 2017 (59): 200-210


16. Redel, Y; Cartes, P; Demanet, R; Velasquez, G; Poblete-Grant, P; Bol, R; Mora, ML. Assessment of phosphorus status influenced by Al and Fe compounds in volcanic grassland soils; JOURNAL OF SOIL SCIENCE AND PLANT NUTRITION 2016 (16): 490-506


17. Riffo-Campos, AL; Riquelme, I; Brebi-Mieville, P. Tools for Sequence-Based miRNA Target Prediction: What to Choose?; INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES 2016 (17):-


18. Rodriguez-Nunez, I; Manterola, C. Concurrent validity and interobserver reliability of the EPInfant pediatric perceived exertion rating scale among healthy Chilean children; ARCHIVOS ARGENTINOS DE PEDIATRIA 2016 (114): 343-346


19. Rodriguez-Nunez, I; Navarro, X; Gatica, D; Manterola, C. Effect of abdominal muscle training on respiratory muscle strength and forced expiratory flows in sedentary, healthy adolescents; ARCHIVOS ARGENTINOS DE PEDIATRIA 2016 (114): 434-440


20. Rubinstein, AL; Irazola, VE; Calandrelli, M; Chen, CS; Gutierrez, L; Lanas, F; Manfredi, JA; Mores, N; Poggio, R; Ponzo, J; Seron, P; Bazzano, LA; He, J. Prevalence, Awareness, Treatment, and Control of Hypertension in the Southern Cone of Latin America; AMERICAN JOURNAL OF HYPERTENSION 2016 (29): 1343-1352


21. Sanhueza, C; Vallejos, V; Cavieres, LA; Saez, P; Bravo, LA; Corcuera, LJ. Growing temperature affects seed germination of the antarctic plant Colobanthus quitensis (Kunth) Bartl (Caryophyllaceae); POLAR BIOLOGY 2017 (40): 449-455


22. Schnettler, B; Lobos, G; Lapo, MD; Adasme-Berrios, C; Hueche, C. Satisfaction with life and food-related life in Ecuadorian older adults-related; NUTRICION HOSPITALARIA 2017 (34): 65-72


23. Schnettler, B; Miranda-Zapata, E; Sanchez, M; Grunert, KG; Lobos, G; Adasme-Berrios, C; Orellana, L; Sepulveda, J; Hueche, C. Measurement invariance in the Satisfaction with Food-related Life scale: A comparison of Chilean and Spanish university students; FOOD QUALITY AND PREFERENCE 2017 (57): 79-86


24. Tuncel, D; Roa, JC; Araya, JC; Bellolio, E; Villaseca, M; Tapia, O; Jang, KT; Quigley, B; Saka, B; Basturk, O; Sarmiento, J; Losada, HF; Patel, S; Reid, MD; Memis, B; Adsay, V. Poorly cohesive cell (diffuse-infiltrative/signet ring cell) carcinomas of the gallbladder: clinicopathological analysis of 24 cases identified in 628 gallbladder carcinomas; HUMAN PATHOLOGY 2017 (60): 24-31


25. Ugarte-Aviles, T; Manterola, C; Cartes-Velasquez, R; Otzen, T. Impact of proximity of thermoelectric power plants on bronchial obstructive crisis rates; BMC PUBLIC HEALTH 2017 (17): -


26. Valdebenito, F; Pereira, M; Ciudad, G; Azocar, L; Briones, R; Chinga-Carrasco, G. On the nanofibrillation of corn husks and oat hulls fibres; INDUSTRIAL CROPS AND PRODUCTS 2017 (95): 528-534


27. Velasquez, G; Calabi-Floody, M; Poblete-Grant, P; Rumpel, C; Demanet, R; Condron, L; Mora, ML. Fertilizer effects on phosphorus fractions and organic matter in Andisols; JOURNAL OF SOIL SCIENCE AND PLANT NUTRITION 2016 (16): 294-304


28. Viscardi, S; Ventorino, V; Duran, P; Maggio, A; De Pascale, S; Mora, ML; Pepe, O. Assessment of plant growth promoting activities and abiotic stress tolerance of Azotobacter chroococcum strains for a potential use in sustainable agriculture; JOURNAL OF SOIL SCIENCE AND PLANT NUTRITION 2016 (16): 848-863




ScieLO Publications 2017


1. Brebi, P; Retamal, J; Mieville, C; León, D. Detección Molecular de Agentes Infecciosos de Transmisión Sexual en un Grupo de Hombres Sintomáticos y su Relación con la Conducta Sexual; REVISTA CHILENA DE INFECTOLOGIA, 2016, vol. 33, vol. suple. , n. 5, n. suple. p. 505 – 512


2. Maggio, A; Durán, P; Mora, ML; Pepe, O; Ventorino, V; Viscardi, S; De Pascale, S. Assessment of Plant Growth Promoting Activities and Abiotic Stress Tolerance of Azotobacter chroococcum Strains for a Potential Use in Sustainable Agriculture; JOURNAL OF SOIL SCIENCE AND PLANT NUTRITION, 2016, vol. 16, vol. suple., n. 3, n. suple. p. 848 - 863



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